Cookie Cake: Q&A with Tarissa Tiberti

It's becoming more and more obvious that I have a thing for food related art. I've done Q&As with Jason's Little Gift, Caroline's Diner Journal and Milton's Free Food. On top of that I am planning an interview with Studio Feast in a few weeks. Come to think of it, I remember it was Dan who first realized my particular interest in the subject matter since he seems to have the same inclination I have. I showed him THE QUERIES for the first time when he was still working at this design wasteland with me. He said to me "You'll like my friend Tarissa's work" and showed me her website. Her work looked so sweet and tasty that it immediately hit the spot.

1: Can you explain a little bit about the piece? When you see it close up the texture looks so yummy looks like powered with cocoa. What are they made of? Do they smell sweet?The "drawing" is made of all paper, doilies included. The cookies themselves are three-dimensional so they look as if they have a filling. Dusted with cocoa, I like that. Some of the paper is flocked resulting in the cocoa dusted affect. They smell freshly baked if you close your eyes and picture your grandmother's kitchen.

2: How did you start making confectionary art pieces?
It all started with frosting! That's right good old buttercream frosting. I loved the texture and began applying it on the wall as you would dry wall mud. This application sparked many ideas and the opportunities were endless.

3: You mentioned artificial sweetener in your artist statement. What's your view toward artificial sugar? There's something creepy and interesting about the fake sugar because it only satisfies mind but doesn't do anything to the body, no nutrition or calories.
Funny you should ask this. My sister and I were just talking about this as it is a constant thought of mine. I actually don't like artificial sugars, at all. That's exactly it, it is an illusion! Your mind thinks you are choosing a better alternative, yet your body craves the real thing. So you use or consume more of the artificial than the real deal. I don't think I will ever understand how diet soda can be 0 calories. It's not like it is a healthy option. Hmmm.

4: Do you have sweet tooth? Do you have cavities?
Yes I have a sweet tooth. I always love a good dessert after a meal or a bit of dark chocolate will often do the job. Cavities?? I think I have one in every tooth possible. But my last visit to the dentist I was clear and free.

5: What 's your favorite flavor for ice cream?
Coffee or Pistaschio. Of course chocolate and all its forms are always enjoyed!

6: Tell us about your sweetie.
My best-friend from grade school just had a baby girl. She is my newfound sweetie! You should see her in person.

7: How do you indulge yourself?
Food and drinks are a great way to satisfy me. That's how I usually indulge.

8: What are you wearing right now.
My p.j.s Actually, they sort of look like one of my drawings!

9: Where is your favorite tea room/coffee shop?
In Florence, Italy on Via San Gallo.

10: What's your plan for the fall?
Plan for the fall. If that isn't the question of the century. Alas, I have an answer. I hopefully will be working at a bakery on the Upper West Side. Negotiations are in the works!

Check out more of Tarissa's work at

Thanks Tarissa!

Special thanks to Dan Weiss! This Saturday he's opening a gallery called OPEN SPACE in beautiful Beacon. He's featuring the works of Michael De Feo. The Opening reception is held on September 8th 3 - 9pm.